Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Karle Won Fear Factor LIVE May 15, 2013

Fear Factor Live May 15, 2013

After riding the Incredible Hulk a steel roller coaster (located in Islands of Adventure in Orlando)   our girl Karle went to audition for Fear Factor Live ..and was chosen to go back for a try out. 

When asked her why she wanted to do it and she told them, " I'm too competitive to lose." 

Ninety minutes and a lot of paperwork later....she made it to the live performance......



I am wishing her luck...not that she needs it... She is Fearless.
Updates to follow

Six contestants....two guys fell off the bar.....
  • She just won the first round......(they suspended 200 feet in the air on a bar and dropped the floor out from under her.... and she held out the longest while a fan tried to blow her off.)
  • She just won round two..... she got to pick a partner and throw live squids and the one who had a the most won. 
She won round three!!!
  • 300 ft wall climb pull 4 flags
  • shimmy across a small ledge
  • slide down drain pipe
  • run to a car that's raised 200 ft in air
  • soaked in rain
  • she had to climb onto car to pull 3 flags off car
  • climb into back seat and shoot a rocket
  • She just won it all!!!!  (beat out a guy)
Video to follow 

Disney Day 6 Universal and then Planet Hollywood May 15, 2013


Karle went to a casting for Fear Factor....and made it!  She signed the papers and disclaimers, went in to see her challenge.....and when they asked her for her Quote she said.....  : " I'm too competitive to lose. "   


Monday, May 13, 2013

Blog Update

Throughout the day I am receiving a few pictures here and there to post as the places are visited.  And every once and a while during a rest break and at night, the days photos  (hundreds) are uploaded and I can post them to the different blogs that match what was going on.

Clearly, I am not there experiencing all of the fun to jot down every detail of the moment -  that will be done when the vacation is over and there is time to put words to these FANTASTIC photos.

Until then, enjoy this little peek inside of Disney as shown by my family. 

And check out those fireworks photos on the Nightfall blog. 

Disney Day 4 Universal - Hogwarts May 13th, 2013


Got her butter beer outside the three broomsticks
After searching high and low for three hours in olivanders wand shop a wand finally picked Karle